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Michelle Walker

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Michelle Walker
Teach to the top and lift from the bottom.

English III/Creative Writing

English III/Creative Writing

Email: walker_michelle@hcde.org
Classwork: For a complete agenda and daily assignments and instructions, please visit the Google classroom.
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The Lord has blessed my life with many years of teaching and working with youth.  I am passionate about teaching and love being able to come to work with such amazing students.  My teaching style is that I teach to the top, continuously challenging my students to learn and think on a higher level, then to lift from the bottom, helping anyone who is struggling, whether it be for academic or any other reason.  I believe each student comes to me with strengths and weakness, and it is my goal to help them develop their strengths and become more confident in their weaknesses.  I expect a high level of morale in my classroom and from my students.  We speak cleanly and kindly, we work together with everyone and overcome our differences and disagreements.  We learn to look at literature and other nonfiction text through Literary lenses instead of through our own opinions and judgement, allowing our critical thinking to be elevated and expanded. These things will help each student to become the very best he or she can be and will carry on into other areas of his or her life. 
Wife and Mother:  My handsome husband and I have 4 children,  ranging from adulthood to preschool.  Along with teaching, they bring immense joy to my life. 
For fun: I love to sing and earned a music degree before I earned my English Education degree. Sometimes, I may even break out in song in the middle of class. Other things I enjoy: reading, swimming, camping, playing video games, watching TV, and cooking.

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