East Hamilton Middle High School


Joey Bird

6th, 7th, and 8th GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS

SYLLABUS 2019-2020


Welcome to Middle School Language Arts! We are excited to have the opportunity to learn and grow with you this year. Be prepared to be challenged this year, but also know that we will be there to help you work toward reaching your full potential. We ask that all students come to class everyday ready to do their very best!


CLEAR LEARNING TARGETS: Throughout the year, students will be given clear learning targets to pinpoint the specific areas of focused. These will be based upon the TN state standards and will help provide the students with a clear understanding as to what they are expected to know and be able to do.


CURRICULAR CALENDAR:   We will closely follow the Hamilton County Department of Literacy Curricular Calendar this year.


 INDEPENDENT READING:  In addition to reading in-class (mentor) texts, all students will be expected to read books independently during class and at home. Students will be expected to have these books with them everyday. Each student will complete an IRP (Independent Reading Project) per quarter as an assessment grade. The questions and rubric for IRP will be available on the teacher’s webpage.


BENCHMARKS: Students will be taking HCDE benchmark tests quarterly, in addition to EasyCBM testing. These will provide teachers will valuable information about the progress of students. All quarterly benchmarks will count as a grade!


TECHNOLOGY: This year, students will be provided with their own technology. They will be expected to have it with them everyday in class. All students will be expected to utilize the school website, their google accounts/drive, and CANVAS on a regular basis. Students and parents will be able to access assignments and class materials through the school and CANVAS sites.

  • Technology is to be used for educational purposes only! Misuse of technology will result in disciplinary action.


CELL PHONES: Cell phones are to be kept in the students lockers at all times during the school day. Students are not to have their phones in their possession throughout the school day.



•Attendance is necessary to keep up with the class.  If a student misses class time, they are missing the instruction time needed to learn a skill.  However, if a student must miss class, they are required to make up missed work in a timely manner. Students have 5 days for each excused day missed, after which deductions will be made for late work.   

•Students are expected to be in their seat when the tardy bell rings.  If not, they will be counted tardy.  Excessive tardies will results in disciplinary action.

•Students are required to participate in class and be respectful to their peers, themselves, and their teacher.  Consequences for misconduct may include parent notification and/or office referral

•Plagiarism and cheating have no place in a community of learners.  Each student is required to put forth their personal best.  Everyone has something important and valuable to add to our learning experience.  If a student is suspected of plagiarism or cheating, the parents and the principal will be notified and consequences will be determined.

•Students are required to keep up with their assignments and are expected to turn them in on time.  Students will lose valuable learning experiences if they come to class unprepared.



A 93-100 (100 is the highest recorded course grade.)

B 85-92

C 75-84

D 70-74                                               

F 69 and below

I Incomplete



  •  Holt McDougal’s Literature is our classroom textbook; it will not be assigned individually, but each student will have access to the textbook online.
  • Independent novels either purchased or borrowed


REQUIRED – 2 Composition Book (No spiral notebooks, please)


CONTACT: If parents have any questions for teachers, they are asked to either email their students ELA teacher directly and/or call them through the school phone service (423) 893-3535. Please allow teachers 24 hours to respond to any contact.


Bird_joey@hcde.org                             Phone Ext.: 51224



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